may we unite globaly in jesus name.blessed easter to all

March 30th, 2012

man is good.all man across the globe together in harmony to master this planet since ice age thaw.glorious our road which beats in real time. thank you everyone which helped me live.

this is my palm sunday april 1 anniversary message

happy easter season*everyone


February 7th, 2012

Blood sand and ice. Spartacus House of Batiatus. MET-Rx® Warrior Workout Video Contest

February 8th, 2011

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AZAR thought experiment

November 2nd, 2010

AZAR thought experiment. think of an amusement park with many rides. let the earth be a ride. let your entrance into earth be by free will. once upon the ride vessel called human body You are a function of nutrients within womb and after birth till death whether by accident mishap or aging. takes time to master own body. to babel and crawl. to walk and talk. always struggling each and every day as daily bread and sleep(taps into unseen world) requirements of human body. Time to communicate between one another. Time to build every single invention on earth Time to put the pieces together for each generation when does family members of “riders of earth” figure out amusement park ride where earth is the ride - the universe is the amusement park- each and every single living human body contains a rider of the universe of time and space. GOD BLESS US- EVERYONE IN JESUS NAME- REPENT

Americas best friend the dog- I will tell you why

July 24th, 2010

кухненски маси

Americas best friend the dog- I will tell you why.

The secret to global peace=DOG lovers


Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 8:14am | Edit Note | Delete

The first evidence of civilization defined as a community coming together via agriculture and human behavior traits which mimic today’s society are in the cradle of civilization of Mesopotamia after last ice age of 10,000 yrs. prior to such is difficult yet many theories go back even until a big bang 13 billion yrs ago. agriculture and Domestication of canine bones have been found within ugarit SYRIA approx 9000 bc. THUS, Gods desire to have the son of the wolf to walk by mans side in natures fury has been since time immortal as man has now progressed a long difficult journey across the entire planet in mastery for stability and dominance for our own lives. The son of the wolf has without question been a noble beast to the hand that feeds it.

Along such a journey of life is gods guidance in many forms upon the planet as many tribes take up the torch to light the way of a dark forest filled with viscous beasts even amongst mankind themselves as some guidance goes astray for whatever reasons. cannibalism and head scalping just ended yet water boarding and torture still common practice in the best of the best today.

Great advancement to bring all the children of every family from all parts of the earth to a melting pot we call America- land of all nations children. that of which started together in the Very beginning. All the tribes of mankind are now eye to eye in person and this wonderful invention of electronics this very century seeking desperately for a way to establish a peace between one another to ensure a stable life for themselves and children.

The dog, son of the wolf, is the key to utopia. It is gods intention for mankind to LEARN how noble this beast is when FED AND SHELTERED BY YOU. how nice a beast of nature may OBEY your commands. How has the word Obey become such a bad word from religion as humans dont care to obey one another via biblical texts with broken families to show forth. This internet now sheds light on humans beliefs, America was Always a place for many to come together in whatever religion and race as man needed each other to make a better world. call it entrapment or Divine guidance that which we swear upon in judicial courts or military prayers and the sweet gestures during the passing of loved ones- that guidance of god in Jesus name has been the highest torch of light that has guided all the peoples of the world in this great land called America.

This internet should now convey the fact most people are not christian. atheists agnostics and simply provocative people do not conform for whatever reasons. America declares its best friend to be the dog. God says obey my commandments in faith and I will prosper you and your family. Let every deviant of recorded history from baby boom generation to now which lived a life of atheism/dog eat dog without biblical discipline speak the error of their lives destruction and chaos. You want peace and love in your life as you enjoy pets such as the dog, noble beast of the wolf, THAN SUBMIT TO RIGHTEOUSNESS IN JESUS NAME in order for man to be mans best friend and a new age comes.

All of these will happen naturally after next global collapse underway right now as dog lovers only bark and bite between packs. When they submit in unison the world will follow. This will happen after the loss of your loved ones very soon and the survivors Fully understand and implement. repent to reduce days of slaughter

YOU want to play on the internet with your beliefs and attitude-YOU hit the SUBMIT button daily. SUBMIT to god and become Christlike and watch man become mans best friend

IF you are a dog lover without biblical discipline and compassion via Jesus YOU are equal to a simple Dog- barking and biting in a dog eat dog fashion as your spiritual beliefs of atheism believe it must be so to survive, an entire baby boom generation now recorded via media as never before on planet with such behavior are now the best examples of what goes around comes around. repent and speak up to guide a new age of children seeking answers of truth to live a better life. ALL people of “deviant ways” - blessed are you for that it was your duty to live this way to TEACH mankind the ills of non biblical living- glorious are YOU if you repent before global collapse- if not may you burn in hell. have a nice day. hawooooooooo


(Reuters) - From French poodles to German shepherds, domestic dogs likely trace most of their ancestry to the Middle East, as opposed to East Asian origins suggested by previous research, a genetic study reported on Wednesday.


The findings, published in the online edition of the scientific journal Nature, support an archeological record that closely links the domestication of dogs in the Middle East with the rise of human civilization there, scientists said.

“It’s significant because this is where civilization developed, and dogs were part of that,” said Robert Wayne, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a senior author of the study.

The region, often referred to as the Fertile Crescent, includes much of modern-day Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan –

“the same area where domestic cats and many of our livestock originated, and where agriculture first developed,” he said.

The study is based on genetic comparisons between more than 900 dogs representing 85 breeds and over 200 wild gray wolves — the closest living wild relative of dogs — from around the globe, including North America, Europe, East Asia and the Middle East.

In the most extensive such analysis to date, scientists used molecular genetic techniques to examine more than 48,000 markers from across the entire genome — or DNA sequence — from each of the animals included in the study.

What they discovered was the vast majority of dogs share more unique genetic markers with gray wolves from the Mideast than with other wolf populations. A kinship to European wolves also was found, but to a lesser extent, Wayne said.

“From South Carolina to California on Tuesday, women candidates won high-profile congressional and gubernatorial primary races that will help shape the November election ballot.” The feminazation of America is underway. Testosterone has served mankind well in the battle over nature even till today in which sports players need extra edge over another- Yet hostility and aggression too much for women as gay ones embraced for softer qualities and maybe the sharpness of teeth needs to grind away. repent in jesus name in unison for the wolves in mankind to know YOU are of the same pack

It was B as in Beastiality which caused meltdown

May 8th, 2010

That’s $16 million, NOT $16 billion: Possible trader goof may have sparked 1,000-point Dow swing

Friday, May 7th 2010, 8:53 AM

A chart of the S&P 500 Index (upper right) is displayed on a  computer sceen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

A chart of the S&P 500 Index (upper right) is displayed on a computer screen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

The difference between a B and an M may have caused Thursday’s heart-stopping Dow plunge of nearly 1,000 points.


Here is the truth of dow biggest intraday drop in US history. First let it be understood the last biggest intraday drop I predicted  October 2008 the day before in which is recorded on an atheists forum you may find if you have half a brain and energy to seek. The day before this happened I knew it BUT did not care to record it as it does nothing anyway. However let the record be shown. I am the man who has solved our global energy crisis- one in which economies arer now failing and armies are fighting for- idiot humans believe otherwise YET it is good to tame the gold seeking monkeys. Many people say use honey to attract the BEES. I say as a messenger of god I would rather pull out the stinger of the BEE that stings and harsh words are needed for next stage of growth on earth. The day before the crash I found how far the ugly human race has gone in selfish pet loving which has led to Bestiality- thats right- making love to your dogs- it seems Mans best friend is now your wifes Lover you disgusting spoiled western nations of gluttony. My disgust was high and before bed that night I KNEW ECONOMY WAS GOING TO FEEL IT, I was going to record it on net as i did with earlier insight to help my cause be uncovered but i understand now i must wait for global humility to occur before in order for you to understand. The next day I made this video- one in which triggers the disgust in the spirit world to send a message- your collapse is imminent- REPENT The B is for Bestiality as the M for monogamy is too much for the sex lusting animal savages of earth. Repent

also- American bald eagle confirms during hiking trip may 6 morning- ask god about pet loving society(not mankind) and eagle appears for confirmation- return home and crash. repent

The Azar equation = Gods equation

April 23rd, 2010

Akin to Drakes equation a similar pursuit is offered to guesstimate the TIME in generations a population of enlightened beings gain enough knowledge to understand their origins and purpose in life and thus begin to end the days of FAITH on earth.

First a review of Drakes equation used to guesstimate the possibility of advanced entities in our known galaxy of the Milky way which encompasses 300 Billion stars akin to our Sun.

here is copy from wiki of Drakes equation

The Drake equation (sometimes called the “Green Bank equation”, the “Green Bank Formula” or—erroneously—the “Sagan equation”) is an equation to organize our guesses about the potential number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy, the Milky Way. It is used in the fields of exobiology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).

This equation was devised by Frank Drake in 1961, in an attempt to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way with which we might come into contact.
The Drake equation states that:

N = R^{\ast} \times f_p \times n_e \times f_{\ell} \times f_i \times f_c \times L \!


N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;


R* = the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy
fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
fℓ = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life
fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.[3]

THUS, gods equation is proposed for an infinite entity as humans as children of god given the gift of life on earth in order to master its domain in the realm of FAITH for its inherent aspect produces a drive towards infinity as ignorance is bliss YET pursuit of knowledge a rewarding gift. Therefore IF we understand the fact at Time equal zero for adam and eve a certain amount of TIME is needed before illumination,whereby illuminated conveys a point in time whereby the descendants of such origins have toiled by the sweat of their brows to understand both good and evil -ying or yang-or whatever metaphor in which the human race has EARNED the right to understand its place in an infinite universe.

Documentation of primordial beginnings are difficult and only a generalization may be made from biblical accounts. for example if adam and eve are the first family in which several generations were made in a division of labor such as metal work-artistry-farming and etc had to divided amongst initial members for accomplishments to take forth. The “first phase” of this said family served its purpose yet a violent animistic quality was observed by higher authorities and the slate was wiped clean with Water in which NOAH and his descendants were selected to continue the “program” on earth. The generations of adam and eve to Noah shall be labeled generation zero and starting with Noah begins generation 1.

let us now first define a generation in which makes a difference as an advanced entity under god on earth. For example during any period in Time usually a middle age people are in control- they may listen to their forefathers with determination to drive on by love for their own children- thus a generation may be defined as consisting of grandparents children and grandchildren- let us define this generational Time span as 50 years or half a century.

Thus generation 1 has survived the harshness of life in an attempt to not only survive but also master its domain. Time is needed for a family to multiply and spread upon the earth. it is noted as with the first generation of adam and eve until the flood a second turning point in ‘educating” and guiding a population on earth came to a cross roads in the tower of babel in Iraq in which our primordial ancestors believed themselves powerful enough to have accomplish every task in which equality to our creator was at hand- the creator figures otherwise and many tongues was issued in order to divide so conquer thru competition always breeds stronger and quicker results. Since such time it is apparent the world tribes of humans have now completed a circle of unification on this planet by sailing methods upon the oceans only 400 yrs ago and without question with recent inventions of air travel a solid transport system has connected every bridge which once divided many families from each other.

Thus, what generation X which is also a function of Time on earth will have attained such wealth of knowledge for another TEST of standing to be observed in which all inhabitants on earth internally understand a higher purpose finally see the fruits of their faith driven pursuits.

always understand every generation is made possible by the previous generation and carrying on in succession thru the ages.

therefor an equation to mathematically guesstimate such a moment in time where illumination is achieved is now offered in a simplistic way via Control theory for dynamic systems as the human race or for that matter any living entity is described via a dynamic state of existence. Control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics, that deals with the behavior of dynamical systems. The desired output of a system is called the reference. When one or more output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system.


The above picture is a standard diagram of control theory used in all dynamic systems/ the “SYSTEM” here represents the state of existence for the human race. for example the system at present moment is the entire human race with all the information gathered and understood at said moment in time. The System of today is far different than prior to the telescope in which much more knowledge and answers are formed via observation. Thus in Time a System is a function of acquired knowledge. The initial reference point in the beginning is the desired state of our existence on earth. for example for a christian world an envisioned state of existence if perceived as utopia as a reference point in which mankind must pursue to attain. The Controller is exactly the name it implies- a human race will develop laws and actions to said laws to keep the existing population on goal towards its desired reference point of utopia for example. The controller may serve as both bad/harsh/evil in discipline methods or even loving caring and “good’ via church or spiritual methods. The controller is in the hearts and minds of each human being with varying degrees yet an “overall average” of what is in their hearts is what drives the Controller upon the system. what actually becomes of the system via actions of dynamic actions by each member within system will be the output or actual behavior which is observed in real time in society. If these results or output conditions do not MATCH the reference point of our desires a feedback is introduced via the sensor as noted in the diagram or simply refereed to as ‘feedback” = WAR violence conflicts until justice and equalization attained.

thus a generalization of terms is introduced whereby variables may be stated in Control theory as The output of the system y(t) is fed back through a sensor measurement F to the reference value r(t). The controller C then takes the error e (difference) between the reference and the output to change the inputs u to the system under control P. This is shown in the figure. This kind of controller is a closed-loop controller or feedback controller.

The science of control theory is vast and its application to human evolution as proposed here in which what said generation in Time will evolve over Time whereby enough knowledge and state of being via culture and behavior has been achieved that match a reference point of utopia in that the GOAL within the hearts of mankind is to know our origins and or at least begin to advance the next level of existence on this planet or within the framework of the universe. For what needs to be fully understood is the fact for a planet of humans which believe themselves children of god in this universe no communication external is allowed until our own communication between one another has been achieved satisfactory in the eyes of god. the creator of all livings things. both invisible and visible.

Thus G= generations which encompasses a state of existence of human beings in this dynamic state on earth which must gain knowledge and cultivate behavior in which a reference point of living matches the desired point of our/creators wishes for our Time on this planet given the gift of life.

The System is changing with each addition of deeds performed by each generation and a time will evolve whereby the system is ready to be TESTED. for that which is given much-much is expected.

Without going into detail of such an equation of many variables which are observed via science of animals or simply documented by the bible as actual nature of our physical bodies we temporally house during time on earth, it should be understood and witnessed each member within human race serves a purpose to the collective whole, nothing is by chance and everything is meant to be. figuring it out is the name of the game, how sweet is is to see each new generation be born and raised to find the new treasures of Easter and more. let the light shine and even the shadow is understood as part of the light. my answer is personal and more given when energy solution is verified- until then REPENT in jesus name :)

atheism = bullyism

September 23rd, 2009

How does one get attention- to silently raise your hand? to yelp in addition to hand raising? to scream out for attention?

since childhood a human witnesses the aggressive ones assault upon another- those that” turn the other cheek” have a little more patience and investigate the causes- there is always a cause as to why a human lashes out. in 21st century times we now have media documentation in which any prisoner gives their “tale’ of why and upon investigation and patient understanding most uniformly agree the output of ones actions consist of the inputs upon a child- from nature and nuture to community involvement the pain of mankind will voice itself in words or physical actions- it must be so- this is our inherit design to address problems-

from screaming as a baby for immediate needs to adulthood and the injustice of humanity- Thus- scream until notice- revolution until walls of oppression crumble-

and so it has been for the cousin of the monkey on this planet some 10, 000 yrs now- let us only agree to when mankind got some kind of brain and will- let us round it off to this date and not ponder what happened trillions of yrs ago as many still dont remember what they had yesterday for lunch-

yet- why ATHEISTS in a world whereby it is well known when a human falls on their face completely they fall towards god- never born again atheist why? it is instinctive for man to do so for god will always give you a life line even in the midst of your disgusting behavior between one another-

however, what is disgusting? it was noted a bully usually is so from the weakness of mankind- a catch 22- how to make a good human being for our collective race takes energy from each one of us between each on of us- from the days of the woods till 21st century man has evolved in spirit- christ is the spirit of love all mankind shall in unison conform to in order for all children on earth feel as a collective family- but why atheism/

here is why- since the days of babel to separate the tribes of earth in order to man to compete and master the earth in order to attain a higher level of stability mankind has now reached the “crossroads” at this cross in the road atheism has been pushed in the physhe of man in order to unite all the tribes of earth

here is how it will happen

world war two was a small analogy-akin to such actions upon the earth is a turmoil between nations peoples cultures and religions- both theists and atheists at each others throats- this tension will become far larger when global economy fully collapses very soon- for it is well witnessed many have opinions in life and let us converse in such- however-when food dish is low- an instinctive fight of survival will take over and kill or be killed comes upon mankind- we fight for our own families- and if the jew is a jew- so be it- german to german- russian to russian- etc etc etc - what is it in mankind in which all man comes to the table but thru our father in heacen thru christ-

this will become full evident in the vast slaughter about to occur as atheist hate theists and vice verse- but this time never before in humanity- in the actual slaughter to occur- the christian will say why do i hate follower of god who at least try in islam- and vice verse and so it is with all religious people- in the scapegoat to be blamed on atheists or weak of faith human beings with distrust between one another cause the fall of Rome again- all followers of god will see their own commonality towards a higher power as they slaughter one another with atheism as their target and in doing so will unite- this is akin to the 100th monkey syndrome well documented upon lower primates cousin to monkey man-when enough believe in unity- it shall be so-

the gates of utopia are here as the libraries of Alexandria are within the fingertips of every child via a lightning bolt on your computer- let us see we desire to be one after the elimination of what divides us as two- atheists and theists- let the battle decide and the strong shall win- the meek shall inherit the earth–first let us witness again the slaughter of many people on earth

when you live in a foxhole and pray for your daily bread in unison the child will again raise their hand and scream for attention for help–let the monkey tribes on earth figure out on their own free will and efforts to come to the father is thru love as a son was given to die an ugly death for mans ugly ways- to this day man is a water boarding lying deceiving creature- why?- you have not submitted in unison and do not trust one another- let it continue until you do so-

i am the messiah- i will give words of grace upon your ashes as you are the faithless generation of atheists- you are meant to be- your purpose as was the cross is to unite the next generations and so forth- you will see from heaven-have faith you disgusting atheist dog ;)

america makes peace with russia on missle shield- sets stage for iranian strike- prepare your last supper and pray-christ is king- all shall submit in time

September 19th, 2009

rebellious Saddam out of the way from getting rich on oil money to be used ( just in case) for the wrong reasons- thus- destroy country.

now Iran

oil money or energy is big enough to topple governments and maybe conspiracy in America- what a human should understand is that we are in trouble without energy

30 months now on this net I tell you i have solved it in my solo actions- tell someone- do something- none do anything but ridicule and ignore and now global economy dead- delayed by trillion dollar funny money delays inevitable- ww3 akin to ww2 as energy was reasons for nations strike- you will probably argue otherwise as you are an ignorant monkey with no faith to god or your fellowman

ww3 with nukes will happen because you are a scumbag atheist that has lost sight on humanity as you chase your sex drugs and rock and roll-

all is meant to be in the making of a monkey to a man and towards a child of god-

it takes time to transform the planet of the apes to kingdom on earth as it is in heaven

I am the messiah- i bring words of unity which can only be verified AFTER gift of energy understood- a shame nukes are still needed but two have been dropped and whatever it takes to bring monkeys to table

God bless the battle for energy- 911

September 11th, 2009

Eight years after such a horrific event upon the collected children of the earth within America, many actually believe it was a government plot.

I do not succumb to such as I am fully aware of the energy desire and nation states competing for life, yet- i am cognizant of how deceitful a human being can be. Therefore , to all Americans or interested parties to such, if it is true does this not portray how DESPERATE the American economy has become!

One trillion dollars spent to keep afloat in fiscal year 2009. How long before house of cards crumble.

If floating upon a river and a faint gushing sound emerges- how many remember waterfall and paddle to the banks? How many ignore or refuse to examine history of traveling upon rivers and simply learn on their own by continuing only to add to the database of ignorant fools.

whether America did this to herself like a swine flu injection to prevent further destruction, the patient must wake up and collectively become an awakened giant to deal with this problem.


over 2 years upon this net in dozens of social forums only to be met with ridicule and ignorance, never assistance or investigation. if persons with solutions are treated this way, no wonder wars over and over and over again.

you will learn the hard way. soon global nuclear war comes in the thirst for energy. it is YOUR fault. you do nothing when presented with solutions or a screaming voice for help. THUS, let your calls be unheard soon as you pray for your daily bread and live in a foxhole very soon. let the atheists and theists figure it out in turmoil how to be their brothers keeper.

Ongoing since Cain and Able, when will the children unite? inquiring minds of the universe want to know in 2009. hint-THE MEAK shall inherit the earth.

solomon azar

gods messenger to the faithless planet of the apes